Precarious Work

Precarious Work Affect Us All

A to Z: Action against precarious work

From October 3 to 10 metalworker unions from Australia to Zambia are taking action against the use of precarious employment.

GLOBAL: From Australia to Zambia affiliates will take action in countries around the world as part of the global week of action against precarious work starting on October 3.

The impact of the global financial crisis on precarious workers is the theme of IMF's action this year. Affiliates are taking the fight to governments, calling on them to ensure equal rights for precarious workers and to strengthen legislation to prevent employers from using precarious employment in place of permanent and direct employment.

Some of the actions that are planned to take place include:

* Protest actions in capital cities in Australia
* National metalworkers' sport and games in Bulgaria
* Development of a second common demand against precarious work across Europe
* Seminar in Finland
* Film night in Geneva
* Petition and actions in Germany

* Flash mobs in Hungary
* Mass demonstrations across south-east Asia
* Solidarity event in Turkey
* Pickets and demonstrations in Zambia

In all cases these actions include the distribution of the global campaign leaflet and poster with the unified message of calling on governments to:

* Restrict temporary and contract work to cases of genuine need
* Guarantee equal pay for precarious workers and their right to join a union
* Require long-term temporary jobs to be converted to permanent jobs

The massive growth of precarious employment has brought negative social and economic consequences for people everywhere. That's why workers throughout the world are uniting against precarious work.

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